Co-Owner & Partner

Saucy Affairs is truly a “boutique” catering company. We rarely have two menus the same!

Glenroy Anderson

Executive Chef and Owner

Executive Chef Glenroy Anderson came to Toronto from the sun splash island of Jamaica as a teenager. His raw young talent soon caught the eye of Chef Kin Lo (Stage West Dinner Theatre). At his suggestion Glenroy enrolled in George Brown’s Culinary Program and within three years had graduated with honours and secured his red seal plus a string of culinary triumphs. Starting with the Hida Restaurant, his skills were soon in demand by such places as Chez Marie, Fred’s Not Here, and The Red Tomato Restaurant in Toronto.

After successful stints in these restaurants, Denison’s Bistro and Oyster Bar contracted him for what was to become one of the first and most frequented pre and après Theatre Supper Clubs.

His transcontinental global fusion also garnered him acclaim and visits to the Capital House in Ottawa, the Molson Indy and the opening of the Air Canada Centre.


Event Planner & Culinary Consultant

With a genuine love for curating unique experiences, Gillian Joy is not just an event planner; she's a memory-maker.

At Saucy Affairs, Gillian's role is not confined to creating schedules and choosing menus. She's there to transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary event, from intimate backyard BBQs to grand weddings of over 500 guests.

Gillian's journey in the world of culinary arts and event planning stems from her fervent passion for health, wellness, and the sheer joy of bringing people together. With every event she plans, there's a touch of magic, a sprinkle of joy, and a lot of love. Her expertise lies in weaving her client's vision with the best of what the culinary world has to offer, ensuring that every bite and every moment is unforgettable.

Working closely with a handpicked team of professionals and vendors, Gillian ensures that the journey, from ideation to execution, is seamless and stress-free. For her, Saucy Affairs is not just a business; it's a platform where dreams come to life, and moments are crafted with care, passion, and a touch of sauciness.

So, whether you're dreaming of a gourmet dinner under the stars, a lively birthday bash, or a wedding straight out of fairytales, Gillian Joy and the Saucy Affairs team promise to deliver an affair that lingers long after the last guest leaves.

Chef huy


Chef Huy is more than an experienced chef in Toronto as well as globally. Chef Huy has spent the better part of his career as the head of kitchen and operations for Fred’s not here, Red Tomato and Big Daddy’s. Globally his talents have brought him to Boston and Louisiana as well as down south to Mexico where he showed off his skills at the restaurant number 4 in Ajijic. These amazing experiences from around the world as well as being classically French trained where he excelled at restaurant Che Marie have made him an extremely well-versed chef in all areas of cuisine. Chef Huy has now brought his talents and knowledge to the Saucy Affairs team and being a long time friend of Chef Glenroy, he's essentially a part of the Saucy Family.

"Glen and the whole Saucy team were outstanding!" - Jay Parmar